The Cowper Arms

A gastro style freehouse tucked away on the Cole Green Way

Where do I begin?

We were seated quickly having booked and our drink orders were taken promptly. There was a limited range of ales (2) but all the usual lagers and bottles. The wine list was average.

We recieved our drinks and the friendly waitress took our order. About a third of the way down my pint I found dirt stuck to the inside of the glass so I returned the drink to the bar where I was informed that good ale is unfiltered and so some sediment is likely. When I showed him the it was dried in dirt (therefore someone else's sediment) he continued to argue that the dishwasher may have dried it on. The other member of bar staff overheard, apologized for the dirty glass and refreshed my drink in a clean glass. Interestingly, this pint did not have sediment in!

My luck continued as the food, brought quickly and well presented, had blue plastic from the frozen chip packet in with the chips. Again, I was fobbed off with "it looks like onion skin" - it didn't! On asking to speak to the manager I was dealt with very well and apologised to and was given a free dessert. She was excellent but her staff.... not so much.

However, I believe I was unlucky and despite these 2 things and how they were handled the food overall looks good and no-one else in my group had any problems.